‘Youn’s Stay’ to Premiere on January 8 – Why Went from Restaurant to Homestay?

Credit: tvN

tvN’s new entertainment show Youn’s Stay will be responsible for healing winter nights.

Youn’s Stay is a reality program about Hanok experiences. Although it is difficult to move between countries due to COVID-19, the show will make foreigners who have entered Korea less than a year ago feel the Korean sentiments that they haven’t experienced.

If Youn’s Kitchen series spread the taste and culture unique to Korea in foreign countries, Youn’s Stay will show Korea’s love and beauty to foreigners living in Korea in Hanok in Jeollanam-do.

With CEO Youn Yuh Jung in the center, vice-president Lee Seo Jin, general manager Jung Yu Mi, manager Park Seo Joon and intern Choi Woo Shik will gather to present the full Hanok experience. Attention focuses on what kind of chemistry Choi Woo Shik, who newly joined the team, will show with the regular cast members.

On Dec 26, Na Young Seok hosted a live stream on YouTube and talked about why he decided to change the format of the program, saying that he wanted to give foreigners a chance to fully experience Korean sentiment as they would have had a much better taste of the country if they visited Korea at a better time.

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