Kim Hye Yoon Says She Wants to Win the Title of “Trusted Go-To Actress”

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Kim Hye Yoon rose to stardom last year through SKY Castle and Extraordinary You. And this year, she made special appearances in various projects like Record of Youth, Live On and True Beauty, receiving great responses from viewers despite her short screen time.

Then at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards, which was held on Nov 25, she won the Potential Award in the TV/film category, finishing the year 2020 strong. Starnews met Kim Hye Yoon, who is gearing up for her return to the small screen, and had time to look back on the year and hear her plans for next year.


Q1. First, congratulations on winning the Potential Award at the 2020 AAA.

After thinking about it at home, I realized that the award had more meaning because it cheers for me till next year. I was nervous at the award ceremony, but I felt that it was a very very meaningful award. So I thought to myself, ‘let’s work even harder,’ and in all, I’m grateful.


Q2. Fans’ congratulatory messages continued. Anything you want to say to your fans? �

I’m grateful that there are fans who are always happy for me and cheer for me louder than anyone else. Every time, I can’t believe that so many people love me. Thank you so much for your sincere love, and I know that I have to repay you. Thank you for staying by my side. Let’s be together forever.

Credit: tvN

Q3. You left strong impressions this year with just special appearances. �

I wasn’t on a break because I was filming for the film called The Girl Riding a Bulldozer (literal title). But I think (fans) might have been disappointed as I didn’t show my face on TV. The same goes for me, too. If you wait, I will come back with good projects. So please wait a little longer.


Q4. What does the year 2020 mean to Kim Hye Yoon?

I think it was a year that allowed me to look back on myself and learn a lot in a different way. It was also a year that I looked back to move forward. I thought a lot about how I should spend the year 2021. I wish I could be more mature. I’m both nervous and afraid about what kind of growth I would have made next year. I hope you look forward to my future.


Q5. ‘Snowdrop’ in which you play a lead role, will air next year. �

It’s my first drama after Extraordinary You. Everything feels different somehow. Viewers have been waiting for a year, so I think I will greet them with a whole new side of me. Please wait a little longer.


Q6. What kind of actor will Kim Hye Yoon become?

I’ve always wanted to win the title of “trusted go-to actor.” Until I am no longer an actress, I want this title with me. I wish I am always awake. I believe I’m awake now, and therefore, even I don’t know how I should show you various sides of me, so it feels fresh.


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