Kim Sook Awarded Her First Ever Grand Prize in ‘2020 KBS Entertainment Awards’

Credit: KBS

TV personality Kim Sook has won a grand trophy from KBS Entertainment Awards for the first time since her debut 25 years ago.

Credit: KBS

In December 24th’s 2020 KBS Entertainment Awards, Kim Sook won the grand prize for her achievements in Boss in the Mirror and Problem Child in House.

As her name was announced, Kim Sook could not continue her words as she got tearful. Looking as if she could not believe it, she said “when I was asked to say my acceptance speech backstage, I thought it had nothing to do with me so I spoke without thinking about it too much. But thank you KBS, for giving me such a valuable prize.”

She also revealed that the place was actually where she first got an award 25 years ago after joining the company through open recruitment. Kim Sook continued her speech, “thank you for giving me such a meaningful prize in 25 years. As I receive the grand award amongst other nominees for the grand award, I’m grateful and somewhat sorry too.”

Credit: SpoTV News

“I told myself that I don’t have any luck for prizes. But I guess it was all so that I could receive this big award.” She further thanked producers, writers, and those who shoot programs with her, as she shared the honor with them.

Kim Sook concluded, “I will deliver entertainment shows that can give at least a little laughter to healthcare workers, self-employers, and everyone who is struggling as they live. Thank you, everyone.”



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