Bae Sung Woo Exits ‘Delayed Justice’ Midway After Caught Drunk Driving

Credit: Star Today

Bae Sung Woo, who caused a stir after being charged for drunk driving, will exit the drama, Delayed Justice.

On Dec 11, SBS’s Delayed Justice released their official statement about Bae Sung Woo. They wrote, “After hearing the news of the main actor’s drunk driving, the production company and the network (SBS) continued to discuss the best possible solution. The conclusion of the discussion so far is that it’s inevitable for the actor in question to exit the production. Therefore, Bae Sung Woo will no longer film the drama and the future development is currently under discussion.”

According to the production team, the drama will take three weeks off to reorganize and resume in the new year. Bae Sung Woo has finished filming up to episode 16, but they plan to cut out most of his scenes to the point where the overall plot is not disturbed. The network added, “The actor will not appear from episode 17 to 20.”

Delayed Justice crew apologized, “We sincerely apologize for causing you inconvenience in watching Delayed Justice.”

Yesterday, a media outlet reported that Bae Sung Woo was booked on charges of drunk driving last month.

Bae Sung Woo’s agency Artist Company apologized, “The actor is repenting his fault. We also apologize to the drama for causing damages.” Bae Sung Woo himself also expressed his regret, “I feel responsible for my mistakes. I will accept all the criticisms and deeply reflect on myself.”

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