BTS Named the ‘Band of the Year’ by Consequence of Sounds

Consequence of Sounds.
Credit: Consequence of Sounds

BTS has been chosen as the “Band of the Year” by Consequence of Sounds.

On Dec 8 (local time), Consequence of Sounds announced K-Pop superstars BTS as 2020 Band of the Year. This American publication selects and announces artists and bands of the year to come about the best music, film, and TV in the U.S. every year.

Why did they choose this Korean act as the Band of the Year? They explained, “The K-pop superstars brought joy and a message of hope to a year rife with loss and uncertainty.”

Of course, the jaw-dropping achievement this group has seen this year cannot be left out: “so consider this year’s accolades alone: first Korean act to land at No. 1 on the Billboard charts (with “Dynamite”). Then, just a few weeks later, the first act in history to debut a non-English language song at the No. 1 spot (with “Life Goes On”). First Korean group to ever receive a Grammy nomination. First band in history to debut a song and album at No. 1 in the same week.”

Calling their record-breaking streak “miraculous,” Consequence of Sounds exclaimed, “BTS landed five No. 1 albums in the United States faster than any band since another beloved international pop group: The Beatles.” They ended their article with these meaningful words: “The difference lies primarily in the fact that The Beatles didn’t have to also overcome a language barrier, working overtime to sway awards circuits or a radio industry that seemed indifferent to their songs every time the lyrics weren’t easy or accessible. Maybe they aren’t the next Beatles; maybe they are simply the first BTS.”

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