The Movie Spin-off of the tvN Drama ‘The Cursed’ Finished Filming

Credit: CJ Entertainment

The movie The Cursed: Again (working title), also known as the spin-off of the drama The Cursed, ended its three-month run and finished filming on Dec 5.

According to CJ Entertainment, The Cursed: Again started shooting on Sep 9 and finished all filmings on Dec 5.

The Cursed: Again is an occult thriller about a former reporter and a shaman digging into the hidden truth when a killer of a mysterious case was found to be a revived body. This is the spin-off of the hit drama The Cursed, which became the talk of the town with its unique materials and spooky yet tense developments.

Credit: tvN
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Uhm Ji Won and Jung Ji So will be playing the same role as the drama. Uhm said, “We were able to finish this project safely even during the difficult times. I would like to thank all staff for paying keen attention to our safety.” She added, “Since we’ve already worked together on the drama, I got to share ideas more pleasantly and comfortably. I’m looking forward to the movie, too, as it seems to be a movie that can be enjoyed by everyone whether you enjoyed the drama or not.”

Jung said, “First of all, I’m so happy that we finished filming safely. The production crew and actors who were with me for the drama were with me again for this film, so I think we’ve completed one solid project.”

Director Kim Yong Wan said, “I would like to say thank you to the actors and staff who did their best and showed the best chemistry at every filming site with positive energy. I hope everyone will do their best until the post-production and greet the audience with good work.”

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