‘The Call’, A Film that Makes You Look Forward to a Birth of Strong Female Characters

The Call
Credit: Netflix

While women-centric films such as Samjin Company English Class and The Day I Died: Unclosed Case are receiving positive reviews and excellent results, Netflix is also gearing up to join this trend by releasing the thriller film The Call. The Call is a movie about a crazy obsession that begins when two women in different time zones change each other’s fortunes.

Director Lee Choong Hyun, who said, “I wanted to prove that female characters can be very powerful in various genres in Korean films,” built up a powerful story around Seo Yeon and Young Sook, who are trying to change the past and the future in their respective times. On top of that, actors capable of digesting various characters, such as Park Shin Hye, Jeon Jong Seo, Kim Sung Ryung and Lee El, have joined forces to show explosive acting synergy and complete a dense suspense.

Credit: Netflix

Park Shin Hye presents a dramatic transformation by playing Seo Yeon, who faces a murderer in return for reversing the past. Like how director Lee Chung Hyun said, “The Call will be a movie that proves that Park Shin Hye can pull off genre film well,” Park Shin Hye takes the center of the play by altering her appearance with hair, costumes and styles, as well as presenting delicate emotional changes. Seo Yeon, who became the target after awakening Young Sook’s madness, will show spiteful actions as she struggles to protect precious people from Young Sook, who threatens her past and present.

Credit: Netflix

Jeon Jong Seo, who captivated the Cannes International Film Festival with her debut film Burning, showcases a powerful female villain. Young Sook, played by Jeon Jong Seo, is a character who learns about her gruesome future and goes out of control. Jeon Jong Seo, who introduced her role as “a character that cannot be defined even with a world like psychopath,” will create the tension throughout the film by exploding the lunacy she has been suppressing.

Credit: Netflix

Kim Sung Ryung plays Seo Yoon’s mother, who struggles to save her daughter. As if to reciprocate director Lee’s belief that “Kim Sung Ryung was the only actor who could play the role of Seo-yeon’s mother,” Kim Sung Ryung completed a three-dimensional character by performing delicate emotional acting of a woman in her 30s and 50s.

Credit: Netflix

Lee El, who has captivated the public with her unique style, takes on the role of Young Sook’s mother, who monitors her daughter’s every move and tries to change her fate with a shamanic ritual. As director Lee said, “There is a unique atmosphere that only the actor Lee El has. I designed the facial expressions and gestures that can replace the lines in detail,” Lee El will play a person who can instantly overpower Young Sook with her expressionless face and restrained expression, creating a mysterious atmosphere all the while adding to the intense suspense.


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