Son Ye Jin Talks About Working on a Hollywood Film

Credit: ELLE

Son Ye Jin has expressed her ambition for a new challenge ahead of her first Hollywood film.

In an interview with ELLE, Son Ye Jin spoke about her Hollywood debut film Cross. “To be honest, I didn’t really have an ambition (of getting into Hollywood) before. Korean projects were already too much for me, and acting in a foreign language scared me,” she said.

“But I thought to myself, when will I ever get a chance like this again,” Son added. “If I get a good opportunity, I would gladly give it my all. I have these anticipations of learning a lot after throwing myself into this.”

Son Ye Jin has expanded her fandom not only in Korea but also abroad when the drama Crash Landing On You was released on Netflix. And with the popularity, media outlets reported Son Ye Jin’s Hollywood debut, making headlines.

Credit: ELLE
Credit: ELLE

Cross is a futuristic movie where a multiracial country gets split into two and tells the story of the people stuck between the two nations, where one side is poor and one side is wealthy. The movie, starring Sam Worthington, will be directed by Andrew Niccol, famous for his science-fiction films such as In Time, Gattaca, and The Truman Show.

Son Ye Jin will play Vera, a tough woman who lives near the border inside the poor nation and raises her son alone after her husband attempted to escape and died.

Cross is set to begin filming in Korea from April 2021.

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