IU’s Autumn Songs You Need to Listen to Before November Ends

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IU is Korea’s top female singer who dominates the music charts whenever she releases a new song. She debuted in 2008 with her first mini-album Lost and Found and has maintained her position as one of the best singer-songwriters of all time. Every song she drops has captivated the music fans, and this article will introduce her 6 best autumn songs that will make you curl up with a good book.


“The First Breakup, That Night” (2010)

Composed by Yoon Jong Shin, “The First Breakup, That Night” depicts a confusing and embarrassing day of a girl after a breakup. IU expressed the feelings of loss and heartbreak of a girl facing her first breakup with her excellent interpretation and emotional delivery. After working together, Yoon Jong Shin spoke highly of IU, saying, “She is a singer who has both musical sensibility and an intelligent mind.”


“Knees” (2015)

This song will make you feel comfortable during the nights you can’t sleep. “Knees” was written and composed by IU herself, who was having a hard time with insomnia. IU once said that “the hero of ‘Knees’ is my grandmother.” “I was raised by my grandmother when I was young, and whenever I couldn’t sleep, she would lay me on her knees and stroked my hair,” she recalled.


“Can’t Love You Anymore (With. OHHYUK)” (2017)

It is a duet song sung by IU and band HYUKOH’s vocalist Oh Hyuk. “Can’t Love You Anymore” completed the candid conversation between a man and a woman who are in the middle of the seven-year itch with the captivating voices of the two artists. In this R&B song that shows minimal instrument composition, IU and Oh Hyuk exchanged realistic and sensuous lyrics and melodies, tensely expressing the conflict between a man and a woman.


“Ending Scene” (2017)

It is an R&B ballad in which a vintage piano sound and lyrical orchestral melody boast perfect harmony. The song composed by Sam Kim, who can deliver emotions and senses at the same time, met with IU’s lyrics and vocals to give off an entirely different color. The lyrics describe a breakup, the saddest moment in love that anyone who has been in love can relate to, as the ending scene of the movie.


“Autumn Morning” (2017)

IU sang the song included in Yang Hee Eun’s 20th-anniversary album, Yang Hee Eun 1991. IU’s voice, which resembles a clear and refreshing autumn morning, is definitely the highlight of the song. Even though the song’s composition is simple, the guitar, voice, and lyrics are perfectly harmonized, creating one beautiful “autumn morning-like” song, just like the title.


“Lullaby” (2019)

The song was inspired by Netflix original film Persona‘s 4th part Walking at Night. It is an R&B song composed by Kim Hee Woon, a rookie musician and a composer of “Through the Night.” Although the song showcases minimal composition of simple piano melody and IU’s voice, her deep emotional delivery won’t allow you to drift off.

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