SM Entertainment Releases Official Position About Chanyeol’s Recent Controversy

Credit: SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment released their position on the disclosure of A, who claims to be Chanyeol’s ex-girlfriend.

On the afternoon of October 29, SM Entertainment stated, “There will be no official position regarding the post.”

Earlier today, A posted a lengthy article on an online community that sparked an enormous stir. In the post, she wrote, “But during that three years, when you and I were together, you became someone’s first man, someone’s one-night stand, and when I was sleeping, you were busy living a dirty life with new girls. There were so many various types of women like girl group members, YouTube streamers, flight attendants, and more.”

A also released pictures as proof, but when the post went viral, she deleted the photos.

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  • Pwede kasi kasuhan si girl dyan kapag napatunayan na false statements ang mga sinabi Nya. Kaya bago magbitaw ng salita isipin mabuti Kung tama ba ung ssabihin Ndi ung may masabi Lang. Ung girl nman ang masisira dyan Kung sino man sya. Parang pinagkalat Lang Nya sa mundo ang mga pinag gagawa Nya. Be strong girl! Bullying yan…fighting EXOChanyeol👊🏻💪🏻 EXOforever we will fight you 👍🏻😘

  • Loey isn’t the one who’s at fault here. The girl is. She’s too ambitious. She deleted her post when it went viral? It simply means that those things didn’t really happen, she just created it using her non-existent brain. She just wants to ruin Chan’s and EXOs reputation. We are one! EXO saranghaja! We’ll fight alongside of Chanyeol! Fighting! #SMPROTECTCHANYEOL

  • The girl is the one who have a dirty lifestyle…our Chan is really good…if you have a problem with Chan?do you have to do like this…heh kind of inmatured girl

    • it’s not like Chanyeol is unattractive just to settle for girls like that. that b*tch is so damn kulang sa aruga

  • So many loopholes on the girl’s statement. How can she be shocked on their 3rd anniversary if she already knew his infidelity with some other girls within the period of their relationship. She even describe the profession of each. And her evidences are so weak. Intelligent people will surely see the invalidity with the given statement and pictures. We should not give so much attention on this kind of controversy. So bad,such a liar, she’s really trying hard to defame the reputation of good artists like chanyeol. Even his agency don’t want to waste time to explain , for maybe they find no sense out of this issue.

  • So when chanyeol didn’t give her money she released those dumb, stupid, ridiculous, nonsense rumor? How immature
    And if he was cheating to u for 3 years, u should’ve broken up with him.

  • Those filthy rumors u released, was that even real? like wtf. why would u delete it? What? Are u too scared if you’re stupid rumors were proven fake? Patago ka ghOrl? Stfu

  • Don’t give your heart away if you can’t handle a heart attack. Entertainers are high risk lovers. She need to go heal and move on.

  • If it true.. Why you dated someone that is not in your level? Girl should take note that someone like chanyeol is someone who always be who the public have an eye on them. Fantasize dating with them may fun but not irl. You should not give your heart to a man that not promise you a marriage. Break up? Just move on. Do this just hurt yourself more. Why post n delete it later? If this come out not true. Come on why ruin someone reputation like that? You should go to the psykiatrist instead.

  • Deleted photo shopped pictures? Where ate these supposed ‘other women’ she mentions? No one jumping on the 5-minutes-of-fame band wagon yet? More toxic crap. BIG SHAME on SM Entertainment for not dealing with this troll. Only when agencies take a legal stand on people posting defamatory accusations like this, will it prevent such awful rubbish in futute. They need to PROTECT THEIR ARTISTS! How upsetting this must be to him and his family. Shame on SM 😡

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