UPDATE: GOT7’s Youngjae Wrapped Up in Controversy over School Violence


JYP Entertainment has released their official statement regarding Youngjae’s alleged school violence.

This is their official position.

“We have discussed this matter with our artist Youngjae, and he said that there was a quarrel that led to a physical clash and that they were unable to make up. However, all the rest of the writer’s claims were untrue.
The writer stated he had emailed us his claims, but we have not received any emails from this individual thus far. We have even contacted the writer to confirm the exact and detailed facts, but we haven’t received a reply yet.
Therefore, we will respond in accordance with principles such as looking into the facts and taking proper responses.”


Original Article:

Credit: NAVER, Dispatch

Recently, online communities heated up after one netizen posted about GOT7’s Youngjae’s alleged school violence. In response, JYP Entertainment stated that they will make their official position after getting all the facts.

Yesterday, GOT7’s Youngjae was embroiled in school bullying allegations after an anonymous netizen raised the issue through an online community post.

Claiming that he is the victim of Youngjae’s bullying, the anonymous netizen wrote that he has a hearing and learning disability and that he was Youngjae’s classmate at Mokpo Technical High School. He then added that Youngjae beat him up for no particular reason and even extorted money.

In response to such allegations, JYP Entertainment made their official position, saying, “We will collect all the facts and announce our position as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, Youngjae made his debut in 2014 and recently confirmed his appearance on Netflix’s new sitcom So Not Worth it.

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  • surely that was a issue for the school authorities when it happened and not now, years later?

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