Red Velvet Will Perform At Korea’s Developmental Disability Music Festival ‘Great Music Festival’

Credit: Heart to Heart International

Heart to Heart International, a Korean welfare organization dedicated to creating a bright and hopeful inclusive community, will be holding their annual ‘Great Music Festival’ on October 28th!

The ‘Great Music Festival,’ or GMF for short, is a music concert that aims to provide a spotlight on talented musicians with developmental disabilities. The festival also raises awareness for disabilities and celebrates the community.

Credit: Hear to Heart International

Recently, Heart to Heart announced that Red Velvet would be holding a celebratory performance during the festival! Comedian Lee Soo Geun will be hosting the event for the second time.

Credit: SM Entertainment

The festival will be held on October 28th at 1 PM KST, and will be streamed on the official Heart to Heart International YouTube channel.

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⠀ 발달장애인의 반짝이는 꿈을 응원하는 GMF 캠페인에 동참해주세요 : ) ⠀ ♥제4회 전국 발달장애인 음악축제 GMF♥ 10월28일(수) 13:00 하트하트재단 Youtube Live ⠀ [반짝이는 캠페인 참여방법] 1. SNS에 위 이미지와 함께, 발달장애인 연주자를 응원하는 메세지 작성 2. 다음으로 캠페인에 참여할 사람 2명 지목 ⠀ ▶자세한 사항은 프로필 링크에서 확인해주세요! ⠀ #GMF #하트하트재단 #발달장애연주자 #음악공연 #언택트공연 #화이팅 #레드벨벳 #이수근 #응원합니다

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