Hayeon Talks About What It’s Like Being Taeyeon’s Little Sister

Hayeon, who made her official debut in the K-pop scene, talked about her big sister, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon.

Hayeon made her official debut with her new song “Eyes on you” on October 7. On the same day, she held an interview with a media outlet.

Even before her debut, she received a lot of attention from the fact that she is Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s little sister. So Taeyeon was naturally brought up during an interview. She must feel some burden as she is titled as “world-renowned star’s sister” from her debut. Hayeon said, “There are many times when I feel burdened. I cannot bring down what she has built up.”

Credit: Taeyeon Instagram (Hayeon, older brother, Taeyeon)

Coincidentally, Hayeon and Taeyeon’s debut dates are the same. On October 7, 2015, about 8 years after her debut as Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon released her first solo album I. And five years later, Taeyeon’s sister Hayeon released her first song, “Eyes on you.”

But it isn’t something that was planned. Hayeon explained, “I had to re-film the music video. So my debut was pushed back a bit, that it just happened to be the same day. I was really surprised, too.”

When asked if Taeyeon gave her any advice, Hayeon replied, “No. But she’s always watching me and tells me anything I don’t know. That makes me feel really reassured and happy,” expressing her affection and gratitude for her sister.

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