‘The School Nurse Files’ Director Lee Kyung Mi Says “If it wasn’t for Jung Yu Mi, there would be no Ahn Eun Young”

The world of The School Nurse Files is peculiar but special. Director Lee Kyung Mi (Crush And Blush, The Truth Beneath) did not see the world introduced within the novel as something bizarre. Instead, she noted Ahn Eun Young’s remarkable growth even in her lonely fight.

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Director Lee chatted about various stories about her project through an online video interview.

“What I wanted to show the most is Ahn Eun Young’s growth. You know, a growth drama in which some who wants to escape his or her abilities goes through a series of events and eventually accepts the fate in front and moves on to the next level.”

This is the first time for Lee, who always wrote her own screenplay, to produce someone else’s creation.
“I read the screenplay, which the writer wrote up to episode four, and the original novel and talked about what we should take or throw away. The novel was composed as an omnibus, and we chose to woven into Ahn Eun Young’s growth drama and designed it as a prequel concept of a hero film. The novel is cheerful, bright, and warm, but I wanted to put my interpretation in it because there is something about death and extinction. I got the okay from the producer and the writer and then built up the structure from there.”

The School Nurse Files is hard to define as “a certain genre,” and some viewers complain about the unfriendly development that shows little or no explanation.
The School Nurse Files is a cheerful fantasy occult growth drama. It may be a strange structure to people, but I thought we should just forge ahead with our work like a barefaced cartoon. Rather than explaining the process or characters’ minds and delivering them kindly like conventional dramas, I directed them as episode-by-episode form as if you had to clear a certain stage in the game to move on to the next stage.”

Credit: Netflix

Jung Yu Mi, who was the number one choice during the casting process to writer Chung Serang and fans of the novel, enlivened the series by taking the role of Ahn Eun Young, while Nam Joo Hyuk’s casting as Hong In Pyo added a different picture.
“I thought if it wasn’t for Jung Yu Mi, there would be no Ahn Eun Young. I hoped people would remember and think of Ahn Eun Young’s lunatic and shiny face even after finishing the series. Looking at that face gives you a certain pleasure, and Jung Yu Mi herself is a delightful person. As for Hong In Pyo, I first thought of a middle-aged man when I read the novel. But Netflix asked me to consider Nam Joo Hyuk. I have a fondness for the actor, and after hearing the offer, I broke out of the box and thought to myself, ‘Why should Hong In Pyo be an old man?’ I met him personally, and we just hit it off, so he joined the project.”

Will The School Nurse Files be able to become a seasonal drama?
“Nothing has been mentioned or decided about season 2. But I did lay the groundwork for season 2 in season 1. I tried to put it in there so that it won’t be too vague no matter who directs it. I’m sure there won’t be too many difficulties in continuing the story to season 2.”

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