Block B’s Park Kyung Embroiled in Controversy over School Violence

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Suspicions of school violence by Block B’s Park Kyung have been raised.

A netizen posted a lengthy post on his Instagram account on Sept. 28, claiming that he was bullied by Park Kyung in middle school.

He started by writing, “I’m a victim of Block B’s Park Kyung’s school violence. I’d like to tell you that my writing is real without any lies. I’m a victim of Park Kyung’s school violence when we attended Soongmoon Middle School.”

“At the time, Park Kyung was wearing a ‘Z-shape’ on his head to prove that he is one of the delinquents in school. He used to take money and belongings from weak students at the back gate of the school along with his mean friends,” he continued. “Park Kyung used to live with curse words, drank alcohol, and even smoked. There were two all-girl schools near our school, which was all-boy school, and he used to brag about who he slept with.”

He also added, “Park Kyung was especially scary for weak kids. He used to beat up juniors and those with disabilities, and picked only those who looked especially small or weakest among my classmates. Whenever he took my things, cursed at me, and looked as if he was just about to punch me, I was terrified that his big friends standing next to me would start pounding me. As a person who knows Park Kyung in those days, it’s so ridiculous to see him launder his image and walk around like a gentleman.”

“I don’t want to get back the things that were stolen. But I sincerely hope he will regret it and at least stop pretending to be such a gentleman on TV,” he wrote.

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He then mentioned specific facts such as the store near the school and the most scary teacher’s name, proving that he is not making things up.

As for the reason why he belatedly claimed the damage, he said, “If you ask me why I didn’t say anything during his Block B days and why I’m writing this now, it wasn’t so painful because Park Kyung’s role or weight in the team at the time was never that significant, and he didn’t appear (on TV) alone that often. However, I can’t understand the recent images of him as a just and gentleman on the media right now, and I couldn’t help but recall the damage that I had suffered as him beating up the smallest kids in school overlapped in my head.”

According to a media outlet, Park Kyung’s label KQ ENTERTAINMENT is currently unreachable.

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