Block B’s Park Kyung Admits to School Violence + More People Testify Against Him

After his former classmate exposed his school violence, Block B’s Park Kyung admitted that he was a victim and perpetrator of school bullying. However, more former classmates started to testify against the idol, continuing the controversy.

Recently, a long article by a netizen A, who stated he was bullied by Park Kyung during middle school, spread like wildfire and stirred up the controversy. He hit the nail on the head by saying, “He’s a hypocrite to put on such charades. I sincerely hope you will repent of what he did, and even if he continues his career, I pray he doesn’t pretend.”

Credit: Park Kyung Instagram

On Sept. 29, Park Kyung admitted to school violence in the past and apologized through his Twitter.

“Hello. This is Park Kyung. I saw the post about my school days.

I am sorry. I sincerely apologize to all those who were hurt by me back then and those who get hurt by past memories when they see me.

I was a child who only knew to study when I was in elementary school. But for some reason, those things were the object of ridicule and neglect for friends of that age. I was smaller in size than my peers as well, and I held on to those memories as I entered middle school.

I hated the image of a model student and liked being the center of attention. And those who are so-called ‘delinquents’ looked cool. I wanted to hang out with them and did some shameful things together. I think I thought if I was together with them, people wouldn’t be able to treat me lightly.

I’m in deep regret over my immature days of adolescent puberty. I’ve been busy, but I know these are memories that those hurt by me won’t be able to erase. I understand that these wounds will not be justified.

I request those hurt by me directly contact me or my company. I’d like to apologize in person and ask for forgiveness.

Though I’m afraid that many will now see me as someone fake, someone who is acting, someone who’s untrustworthy, I’m writing this because I’ll be more embarrassed to express my position through the company.

Once again, I apologize.”

But to say that he “hated the image of a model student,” Park Kyung got to where he is now through images as a “brain-sexy man,” making this controversy all the more shocking. Public opinion is still ice-cold even after Park Kyung’s apology.

Moreover, as additional revelations were made even after his apology, the controversy is most likely to continue. “All memories I have of Park Kyung is getting beaten up in front of my locker as I cry my eyes out, being extorted, and hearing the rumors of him transferring to another school after getting caught smoking on campus” (netizen B). “I’ve been sick at heart, but now something that I thought would be revealed someday has happened” (netizen c).

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