[Upcoming K-Drama] ‘Alice’: Explore the Relationship Between the Characters Involved in Time Travel

Credit: SBS

On August 28, one of the most anticipated dramas Alice will premiere. Alice is a human SF drama about a magical time-traveling story of a woman who resembles the man’s dead mother and a man who lost his emotions. The project has been a hot topic since Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun chose it as their comeback project.


Kim Hee Sun – Yoon Tae Yi (genius physicist)

Credit: SBS

A strange man appears in front of Tae Yi, a female scientist with a bold ambition. Detective Jin Gyeom follows her around like a stalker, asking if she is over fifty and if she ever gave birth to a son. Sometimes, he even cries in front of her. In the meantime, Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom face a crisis as they chase after mysterious events. Now, time travelers began to seek her life. Though she doesn’t know it yet, she is the one who holds the key to time travel.


Joo Won – Park Jin Gyeom (detective)

Credit: SBS

He was born in a radioactive wormhole, which is created in the process of time travel, and as a result, he has no emotions. To him, his mother, Sun Young, was his only family and friend, but she was found killed in October 2010. Jin Gyeom’s goal is to catch his mother’s killer. Then in 2020, while he was tracking down the killer, he encounters Tae Yi, who looks just like his dead mother.


Kim Hee Sun ” Park Sun Young (Jin Gyeom’s mother)

Credit: SBS

In 2050, she is the scientist who built the basic principles of the time travel system Alice. However, she is shocked when she discovers that there is a book that predicts the destruction of time travel. To find out the truth, she and her colleague Min Hyeok travel back to 1992 and visit a person named Dr. Jang, who is known to own the prophecy. She tries to return to her time along with the book, but she realizes her pregnancy, so she changes her name from Tae Yi to Sun Young and gives birth to Jin Gyeom in 1992.


Kwak Shi Yang – Yoo Min Hyeok (Alice guide team leader)

Credit: SBS

In 2050, time travel is sold as travel packages. He travel back to 1992 with Tae Yi to find the prophecy, but he returned to the future alone. Later, he became the team leader of Alice’s guide team, and protects time travelers who commit crimes by exploiting time travel in order to conceal the existence of Alice. As a result, he goes up against Jin Gyeon, who tracks time travelers.


Lee Da In ” Kim Do Yeon (reporter)

Credit: SBS

Do Yeon, who has a bright and positive personality, was the only one who was not afraid of Jin Gyeom in high school. And she was the one who helped him step out into the world when he was devastated by his mother’s death. But when Tae Yi appears in front of Jin Gyeom, whom she has a crush on, she feels a sense of crisis.


Choi Won Young ” Seok Oh Won (scientist)

Credit: SBS

In 2010, a woman showed up out of nowhere and showed him the prophecy. The prophecy claimed that from 2020, those who traveled from the future will commit crimes and that he was the one who will fight them. He believed it to be a joke at the time, but when the prophecy comes true, he tries hard to prevent the expected tragedy.

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