With the Popularity of MBTI, More Shows Are Featuring “Psychology”

Recently, MBTI has become a popular trend among people in their 10s and 20s. MBTI is a combination of eight indicators that allows people to identify their propensity and psychology and to discover a different ‘me’ from others.

In line with this trend, more entertainment shows are actively informing viewers of the cast’s psychology, ego, and personality. Just as people find themselves through MBTI, these shows introduce the psychology and the individuality of the cast. Mnet’s I-LAND, Wavve’s Boys’ Mind Camp, and Channel A’s Heart Signal are good examples.

I-LAND, produced by CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment, emphasized “ego” from the start. When the contestants were first introduced, the show presented information like name, age, and MBTI results. The biggest difference from the existing audition programs is that the participant “pioneers his own way.” In addition to proving one’s worth with skills such as dancing and singing, they constantly observe themselves and others, consider and continue the options before him, and personally choose their own team members. Participants are not idols who are simply “picked” by the viewers or labels, but they become artists who “pioneer their own path.”

Boys’ Mind Camp uses psychological tests more plainly. Boys’ Mind Camp inspects the idols’ mental states following their competitive auditions and hectic promotion schedules and helps them recover their minds and bodies through various curricula. Kim Jae Hwan, Jeong Se Woon, Lee Jin Hyuk, and Kim Woo Seok will appear as regular casts, while Defconn host the show. The members conduct a HEXACO test and meet with professor Kim Tae Hoon, an expert in behavioral psychology, to discover their true personalities.


In Heart Signal, the “predictors” predict the psychology of the participants and detect potential lovers. In particular, the show received much love with the fact that it honestly presents the “actual” feelings of the participants instead of an “act” and predicts the potential lovers.

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