‘Deliver Us From Evil’ Surpasses 1 Million Viewers In Just 4 Days

Credit: CJ Entertainment

The movie Deliver Us From Evil has surpassed 1 million viewers in just 4 days.

According to the Korea Film Council, Deliver Us From Evil has exceeded 1 million viewers as of 8:00 a.m. on August 8 KST.

The movie has amassed over 1,078,000 moviegoers since its release on August 5, putting it on par with Peninsula and New World (movie starring Hwang Jung Min & Lee Jung Jae).

So far, Peninsula and Deliver Us From Evil has surpassed 1 million viewers in 4 days while Steel Rain 2: Summit attracted 1 million moviegoers in 5 days, showing the “revival” of movie theaters.

Credit: CJ Entertainment

In commemoration, actors Lee Jung Jae and Park Jung Min posed for a celebratory photo with director Hong Won Chan and cinematographer Hong Kyung Pyo while holding up placards that read, “To the 1 million moviegoers who watched Deliver Us from Evil, we love you.”

Hwang Jung Min, who is currently filming a new movie in Jordan, also shared a photo of himself with the message, “Thank you for 1 million.”

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Deliver Us from Evil is a hard-boiled chase action that depicts the desperate pursuit and struggle of In Nam (Hwang Jung Min), who gets caught up in a new case because of his final contract killing mission, and Ray (Lee Jung Jae), his ruthless pursuer.

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