How Did Musical ‘Mozart!’ Became the New Light for Junsu?

Credit: C-Jes Entertainment

In an interview with Star News, Junsu expressed his feelings about starring in the musical Mozart!, which marks its 10th anniversary.

Mozart! is a musical that unravels Mozart’s journey of life from his free and shining youth to his tragic and lonely death from a humane perspective.

How does Junsu feel about playing Mozart once again after 10 years?

He answered, “When I listen to what the audience who watched Mozart! 10 years ago told me, many say that they enjoyed my raw performances at the time. I don’t know exactly what that meant, but I kind of felt it as I acted and performed. I treated and practiced Mozart! with the passion I had at the time.”

Ten years ago, Junsu chose Mozart! because it felt like his own story.

“The reason I did Mozart! 10 years ago was from feeling the sympathy. I wasn’t a genius like Mozart, but after reading the script, I felt a sense of sympathy to the character with the feelings I had at the time, and I was absorbed by it,” he said.

For Junsu, Mozart! is his musical debut.

“Every piece and role I’ve done so far are precious to me, but Mozart! is a work that has led me to the path of a musical actor. It’s all the more meaningful because it allowed me to be a musical actor,“ he added.

Credit: C-Jes Entertainment

In Mozart!, many ad-lib scenes give you a glimpse of Junsu’s sense. He delivers laughter to the audience with new ad-libs in every stage.

Junsu continued, “I think it’s the beauty of the musical. I try to ad-lib within the boundaries of the script. I think ad-lib is a way to express gratitude to those who come to see the performance at this time. Also, showing a bit of difference is how the actors show their appreciation to the audience. “

Since the premiere of Mozart!, Junsu has worked hard on various works, including December, Dorian Gray, Death Note: The Musical, and Dracula, the Musical.

“I usually don’t get nervous, but Mozart!‘s 10 anniversary performance is making me tense up for the first time in a long time. In fact, you can’t help but to feel nervous when it comes to musicals. But I felt myself trembling more. I have a desire to show those who watched Mozart! 10 years ago that I have grown more as an actor. In that sense, Mozart! is quite unique to me,” he added.

Mozart! will run till August 23 at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.

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