Netizens Appalled by Song Min Ho Fans’ Demands to YG Entertainment

Credit: YG Entertainment

Fans have made specific demands for WINNER’s Song Min Ho’s activities to YG Entertainment, and netizens say that even they feel embarrassed.

On July 27, Song Min Ho’s fans revealed their demands to YG Entertainment.

The demands are as followed.

  1. Make specific plans for Song Min Ho’s comeback
  2. Make solo comeback within the third quarter
  3. At least two solo comebacks before his military enlistment
  4. Solo comeback twice every year
  5. Song Min Ho’s solo concerts and hip-hop performances at home and abroad
  6. At least two months of solo activities
  7. Song Min Ho’s endless activities and label’s active support
  8. Open YouTube channel ‘MINO’
  9. Solo project that shows his dance skills
  10. Working with male dancers + choreography with famous choreographer
  11. All-time support, no low-budget music videos
  12. Full range of promotions including using various media
  13. Song Min Ho’s activities in music entertainment shows + activities in various fields
  14. Countdown V LIVE before his comeback
  15. Longer pre-sale period, and sufficient supplies
  16. All his featuring works be under the name of ‘MINO’
  17. Add winning Soribada’s “Hip-Hop Award” into the award history on portal sites
  18. Sufficient care to MINO’s hair and style
  19. Continue suing the haters
  20. Prioritize his singing career + more music-related activities
Credit: Song Min Ho DC Inside Gallery

Netizens showed their discomfort after seeing their demands.

“You know the artist is not your toy. If you want to play with a doll, then go buy a barbie doll and play with that.”

“I’m guessing they want to kill their artist from overwork.”

“I really want to know what Song Min Ho thinks about this.”

“God, they are as worse as sasaeng fans.”

“What the hell is wrong with these people? Leave him alone.”

“This is embarrassing…”

“I’m so embarrassed for the artist…I can imagine how embarrassed the artist is when he sees it. He’s a rapper and they’re asking for a difficult dance choreography?“

It has been reported that the display truck that shows the same demands is parked outside of the YG Entertainment building.

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