BoA Reveals that She Considered Not Coming to JTBC to Film ‘Knowing Bros’ Because of Kang Ho Dong

Credit: SM Entertainment
Credit: JTBC

On the recent episode of Knowing Bros starring BoA and Sung Si Kyung, BoA exposed Kang Ho Dong.

During the broadcast, BoA said, “I was thinking of not coming to JTBC at all because of Kang Ho Dong. When I appeared on Knowing Bros before, I thought I did pretty well. When I got the offer to appear on the show again, I had a drink with Lee Soo Man (founder of SM Entertainment).”

She continued, “When I told him I was going to guest on Knowing Bros, he responded, ‘You weren’t very funny when you appeared on the show the first time. You should prepare an impersonation or a dance performance for the upcoming one.’”

BoA also revealed, “When I came to film Knowing Bros last time, [Kang Ho Dong] greeted me coldly. But once the cameras were filming, he greeted me so joyfully.”

Kang Ho Dong was left flustered and speechless but laughed along with the guests all in good fun.

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