Students in China Taking College Entrance Exams Look to BTS V as Source of Support and Inspiration

Credit: BigHit Entertainment
Credit: BigHit Entertainment

BTS member V “appeared” at one testing center in China.

In a recent post from an online community, students at the entrance of a testing center were seen holding merchandise featuring BTS’s V. Now, pictures of V are not only seen in concerts but also in testing centers.

Students used pictures and merchandise of BTS V to support the test-takers who were about to take a stressful exam.

Credit: Weibo
Credit: Weibo

Many fans commented on how it was hard to see family members in the crowd because so many students were holding up pictures of V. At a certain point, it almost seemed like V was at the testing center, personally supporting the students.

On July 6th, the BTS members posted cheered on students through Weibo video messages. V left a sweet note: “The CSAT (exam) is merely just an answer sweet. 100 ≠ All.”

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