Kim Seo Hyung and Her Agency’s Strife over Exclusive Contract Continues

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Kim Seo Hyung is in dispute with her agency Madi Pictures over her exclusive contract. In the process, the head of the agency claimed Kim Seo Hyung’s power abuse, stirring up the controversy.

On July 14, Kim Seo Hyung’s legal representative, Gate, said, “We did not demand the termination of the contract, but notified the termination of the contract. It was not because of discord with the manager, but because the manager made remarks (criticizing and gossiping about the actor) that undermined the trust to a third party, and the actor heard these remarks from that third party.”

They added, “When people around the actor, who became aware of the problem between the actor and the manager, tried to mediate for a smooth settlement, the manager insisted that the actor has demanded the termination of the contract unilaterally, and demanded her to pay the penalty to terminate the contract.”

Earlier, the head of the Madi Pictures claimed in an interview with OSEN, “I heard all kinds of curse words. I worked my ass off and tripled the down payment for her commercial, but she asked me how much money am I back pocketing.”

“I once proposed an advertisement for public services that’s related to cyber sexual crimes. We tried to convince Kim Seo Hyung because the content and the purpose was good. However, she messaged me, ‘How dare you bring a public service advertisement to my face’ as she swore at me,” he added.

Kim Seo Hyun signed an exclusive contract with Madi Pictures in October last year.

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