Choi Jin Hyuk and Park Joo Hyun Join as Cast Members for New Zombie Drama ‘Zombie Detective’

Actors Choi Jin Hyuk and Park Joo Hyun will collaborate on a unique zombie drama called Zombie Detective.

It has been confirmed that Choi Jin Hyuk and Park Joo Hyun have been cast in the KBS2 drama Zombie Detective (Director: Shim Jae Hyun / Screenwriter: Bae Eun Jin).

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In Zombie Detective (working title), a zombie becomes a detective two years after being infected. The drama follows the struggles of the zombie as he tries to rediscover his past. As this zombie lives amongst humans, the topic of discrimination will be emphasized.

Choi Jin Hyuk will steal the hearts of women with his magical “Z-omme Fatale,” which is a combination of his sexiness and masculinity. Choi Jin Hyuk plays “Kim Moo Young,” a zombie with attractive visuals, perfect physicality, sexiness, and masculine beauty. Two years after being reborn as a zombie and losing his memory, the zombie tries his hardest to fit in with the humans by attempting to speak coherently and correcting the way he walks. Eventually, he moves to a village and opens a new chapter in life as a detective.

There is great attention on how Choi Jin Hyuk, who emanates impactful charms in every one of his characters, will play his very first zombie role since his debut.

Monster rookie Park Joo Hyun plays “Gong Seon Ji,” a writer for a current affairs reporting show who is also full of positivity, confidence, and a sense of justice. After a witness in a case she was examining gets attacked by an unknown assailant, she leaves the broadcasting industry in shock. She coincidentally comes across a zombie named “Kim Moo Young” (played by Choi Jin Hyuk) and begins a part-time job at a detective’s office.

While watching, it will be important to note how Park Joo Hyun, who perfectly interprets every single character she plays and thus shows off profound acting skills, plays the extremely determined social justice activist Gong Seon Ji. In addition, the chemistry she will display with zombie detective Choi Jin Hyuk will be something to look forward to in the drama.

Zombie Detective is a new and unique drama from KBS2 that features colorful characters, a fast-paced plot, lots of humor, and refreshing action.

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