Jung Il Woo Expresses His Feelings About the End of ‘Sweet Munchies’

Credit: JTBC

Jung Il Woo delivered his thoughts about the end of his drama Sweet Munchies.

On June 30, Sweet Munchies ended with an open ending that suggested a happy ending. Jung Il Woo played the tole of chef Park Jin Sung, who grows up as a person after going through clumsy love in-between Kim Ah Jin (Kang Ji Young) and Kan Tae Wan (Lee Hak Joo).

Park Jin Sung’s healing dishes, which felt more sincere as Jung Il Woo made them himself, combined with Jung Il Woo’s charm that boasts perfect chemistry with anyone, have received favorable reviews from the viewers.

Jung Il Woo expressed his feelings as he said goodbye to Park Jin Sung, who resembled himself more than any other role he played.

Credit: JTBC

It has been well known that Jung Il Woo actively participated in everything of the character, including costumes, props, and cooking. You could say that Jung Il Woo lived as Park Jin Sung while filming Sweet Munchies.

To which, Jung Il Woo said, “After preparing the outfits, props, and cooking personally, I could feel the hard work of the staff even better. I was also proud when the dishes that I made myself after coming up with my own ideas came out on the screen. I’m sharing the recipe, so I recommend you try it yourself. It’s really delicious.”

When asked about the most memorable dish, Jung Il Woo answered, “I remember the brisket soybean paste soup that delivered warm comfort to Ah Jin when she was facing a difficult time. I think the dish expressed Park Jin Sun’s character of delivering healing through food.” He then added, “I remember the kimchi sujebi that Jin Sung, Ah Jin and Tae Wan ate together, which foretold a full-fledged love triangle.”

Lastly, Jung Il Woo thanks the viewers who watched Sweet Munchies, saying, “I had a truly great time as I became Jin Sung. With Jin Sung, I was able to improve my cooking skills and grow as a person. I also express my infinite gratitude to the viewers who shared the pain of Jin Sun’s growth. I hope that Sweet Munchies will stay as a healing drama for a long time.”

Credit: JTBC

Jung Il Woo, who returned to the small screen after a year with Sweet Munchies, is currently considering his appearance in historical drama Bossam ” Stealing Fate (literal translation).

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  • I’m from the United States and I love this show. I’m waiting for the last episode to come out. Jung ll Woo is a great actor and also a handsome talented young man. Wishing you all the best in the future.

  • Loved the show♥️♥️♥️disappointed that there were no more episodes. Based in South Africa and could not wait till next episode aired. “Sweet Munchies” =brilliant!!!

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