PENTAGON’s Hongseok Is Embroiled in Controversy after Making Disparaging Remarks Against ONF

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PENTAGON‘s Hongseok has been embroiled in a controversy over disparaging ONF.

Recently, Hongseok had time to communicate with fans through NAVER V Live. And during that time, he revealed his recent talk with ONF’s E-Tion.

Hongseok said that in the process of exchanging song recommendations, E-Tion recommended ONF’s “Asteroid.” He said, “To be honest, I like our ‘Asteroid’ better, but I still like ONF’s ‘Asteroid.’ If you ask me which I like better, I will chose PENTAGON’s ‘Asteroid.’”

Later, Hongseok talked about the song that he recommended to E-Tion and said, “I didn’t recommend PENTAGON’s ‘Asteroid.’ I’m afraid that he might only listen to PENTAGON’s ‘Asteroid’ if I recommended it. I wanted to protect the pride he had for his song. I didn’t want to make him feel a sense of deprivation, like ‘Oh, the songs have the same titles, but PENTAGON’s is better.’”

Hongseok then added, “I didn’t want E-Tion, who was a bit like a frog in a well thinking ‘our Asteroid is the best,’ to be shocked to notice that other group’s ‘Asteroid’ is also great.”

The video belatedly drew attention online, and some netizens continued to point out his remarks as inappropriate. They wrote, “Even if the video was meant for fans, that was rude,” “He should not be disparaging other idol groups,” and “Does he not know that ONF member and ONF fans will be watching this?”

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