YG Treasure Bang Ye-dam X Do-young Turns Out To Be A Wake-Up Fairy

YG Entertainment posted episode 22 of ‘TREASURE MAP’ on its official blog and YouTube channel on the afternoon of the 12th.

Bang Ye-dam and Do-young went out for Treasure Lansen housewarming. Before the housewarming, the two turned into a wake-up fairy and went to meet the members.

The first room to enter was the room of Junkyu and Haruto. Thanks to Junkyu and Haruto sleeping together, Bang Ye-dam and Do-young successfully succeeded in taking a ‘selfie with a sleeping member’ mission. Subsequently, Jun-kyu, who received a mission in a non-dreamy state, failed at first, but later succeeded in the mission of’Aegyo 3-piece Set’.

Asahi, who received the mission to “call her parents and love her,” was embarrassed, but as soon as she answered the phone, she said, “I love you, mom” and showed her amiable son. The mother also smiled happily and replied’I love my son,’ creating a warm atmosphere.

Since then, the members who have appeared have successfully performed the mission, and all the treasurers have succeeded in the weather mission. Before starting a full-scale LAN housewarming, Choi Hyun-suk and Yoon Jae-hyuk, as if they were the first to hear, aroused the laughter of the viewers who utterly said, “Oh, if you knew this, I’d do some cleaning.”

The start of the Lanseon Housewarming was a room called Jeong-hwan. Treasure ‘official roommate’ Yoon Jae-hyuk and Park Jung-woo revealed a room full of human beauty. When a pile of towels was discovered while introducing the room, Jae-hyeok Yoon said, “Jung-woo did it.” On the other hand, Machiho revealed a perfectly arranged room and showed off the look of a neat king.

Yoshi and Asahi also released a stylishly decorated room to suit their tastes. Asahi, who usually works a lot of music, played jazz music and introduced the room. He said, “The desk is my heart.” Then he answered Doyoung’s question, “What is the best thing about this room?”

Finally, all the Treasure members gathered together in the living room to set rules for accommodation.

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