‘Train to Busan’ Sequel ‘Peninsula’ to Be Released in July

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Director Yeon Sang Ho‘s new film Peninsula has confirmed its release in July and unveiled its official synopsis.

Peninsula is an action blockbuster film that takes place about four years after Train to Busan and the last struggle of those left in the ruined land.

Peninsula released an official synopsis that occurs on a bigger scale with a tense story along with the confirmation of its release in July. The released synopsis introduces Jung Seok (Kang Dong Won), who returned to the deserted land after four years, and a new group of survivors. More questions are surfacing about the story of Unit 631, which lost its humanity, and how Min Jung’s (Lee Jung Hyun) family, who saved Jung Seok at the moment of the crisis, survived the past four years.

The movie fans are paying keen attention to the struggle of the returned, the survivors, and those who had gone insane against the zombie army that has occupied the entire land.

Peninsula, which expanded its stage from a running train to a vast downtown area, has drawn keen attention even from the production stage. The movie generated explosive responses every time new content got released, heralding the birth on an awesome action blockbuster.

Train to Busan‘s sequel Peninsula is scheduled to be released at the same time in major countries in July.

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