The Fall of the First Generation Fairy, S.E.S.’ Shoo Is Ordered by Court to Pay Back 340 Million KRW

Credit: MBC
Credit: MBC

Previously, Shoo (Yoo Soo Young), a former member of S.E.S., caused a stir with a gambling scandal. Now, she in on probation and also lost a civil lawsuit.

On May 27, the Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff, who filed a civil suit against Shoo to pay back 340 million KRW (approx. 274,310 USD) she borrowed. Back in 2017, Shoo borrowed more than 2.5 hundred thousand dollars as gambling funds from Park and didn’t pay back.

When Park filed a civil suit against Shoo, her lawyer argued Article 746 of the Civil Law, which states that property cannot be returned if it was given for illegal purposes such as gambling and human trafficking. However, the court refused to accept it and ruled against it.

Credit: SBS

It was also newly reported that Shoo lost a lawsuit against tenants of her building. A tenant who recently posted on the national petition said, “Shoo has also lost a lawsuit filed by some tenants to return the �keymoney.” He then went on to say, “Even though the court has ordered her to repay the cost for a lawsuit, the principal, and interest, she is yet to compensate, let alone apologize. There are currently three properties under Shoo’s mother’s name, but she says she has no money.” The writer then continued that he is suffering not only from the aftermath of COVID-19 but also from the unreturned deposit. He also added that he doesn’t want to see Shoo on TV or any other media anymore.

The news regarding the tenants was reported in March. After failing to find a new tenant due to the provisional seizure of the building, Shoo informed the tenants that she could not give them back their keymoney. At the time, Shoo stated, “I am really trying my best to prevent the tenants from suffering further damage.” However, now that she is ordered to return 340 million KRW to Park, and the possibility of the building being transferred from provisional seizure to actual seizure has increased, the tenants’ crisis has also grown.

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