Wheesung Was Found Passed Out Again Only Two Days After the First Incident

Wheesung, a singer who was investigated by police for injecting anesthetics, collapsed again only two days after the first incident.

According to police on April 3, Wheesung was found unconscious in a bathroom at a hotel in Seoul, after injecting anesthetics. Drugs and syringes were found at the scene.

Credit: REALSLOW Company

This is the second time the singer was found unconscious after taking the drugs. On March 31, he was also questioned by police after being found passed out on a public restroom of a building. But after testing negative for drugs he was allowed to go back home. However, two days after his release, he collapsed after taking the same drugs.

His agency, REALSLOW Company, wrote an apology letter on their website on April 3 on behalf of Wheesung. They wrote, “Wheesung faced a hard time after his close friend he worked with passed away right after his father’s sudden passing last year.” According to the agency, Wheesung left his home and cut off all contacts with his family on the day of the first incident.

However, even after he came home, Wheesung was hospitalized after showing symptoms of extreme thoughts, depression and panic disorder. “He is currently undergoing psychiatric treatment, and in addition, we are faithfully responding to the police investigation,” the agency added. “He will continue to actively participate in the investigation of the case, and he will continue to carry out the treatment with his family even after the investigation is over.”

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