MONSTA X’s Joohoney Presents One of His Own Songs to CRAVITY

Joohoney, a member of MONSTA X, presented his own song for the rookie group CRAVITY’s debut album, ahead of his comeback in May.

Credit: Starship Entertainment

On March 30, Starship Entertainment announced that Joohoney of MONSTA X will participate as a composer in CRAVITY’s debut album, CRAVITY SEASON1. [HIDEOUT : REMEMBER WHO WE ARE], which will be released on April 14.

Joohoney will make a special contribution in writing, composing and producing of the rookie group’s debut album, improving the overall musical quality. Previously, the singer grabbed attention by participating in every album of MONSTA X by contributing his own songs and joining in rap-making of the entire album.

Also the fact that he willingly helped a rookie group despite being in the midst of preparing for MONSTA X’s comeback in May is drawing attention.

Meanwhile, CRAVITY will debut on April 14, whereas MONSTA X is scheduled to make a comeback in May.

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