Rest of the Members of ‘May Food Bless You 2’ Test Negative for Coronavirus

After a producer of May Food Bless You 2 was confirmed with coronavirus, rest of the team went under the tests and no other confirmed cases were found.

Credit: Olive

“We understand that all four celebs (Song Eun Yi, Kim Sook, Park Na Rae, and Jang Do Yeon) have been tested negative,” the production team of May Food Bless You 2 said in an official statement on March 29. “Rest of the members also received negative results  and some will get the results back in a day or two.”

Also they added, “We are taking all the measures and will keep a close eye on those who are suspected of having contacts with the production team regardless of the outcome.” They also announced that all filming will be stopped and the show will be suspended for two weeks before resuming.

Preciously, a producer of CJ ENM, who is currently working on May Food Bless You 2, was confirmed with coronavirus.

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