HyunA and DAWN Share Their Love for One Another

During a recent interview and pictorial for Dazed Korea Magazine, HyunA and DAWN shared their love for one another and how they inspire each other as artists.

Credit: Dazed Korea

The two showered one another with endless compliments during the interview and revealed what they admired about each other – with HyunA stating that she admired her boyfriend’s breadth of knowledge and love of learning as Dawn praised her about her artistic sense.

HyunA shared that DAWN was always studying things on his own, and therefore always had satisfactory answers to all her questions, while DAWN shared how HyunA just always seemed to know the trends of what people like in the moment.

The two also touched up on their passion for fashion, and how they always go on shopping dates together to pick out vintage items.

Be sure to catch the couple’s full interview in the April issue of Dazed Korea!



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