SM Entertainment Explains What Kim Hee Chul Meant by “That’s Why I Left Super Junior”

SM Entertainment explained what Kim Hee Chul when he said, “I thought it would be better for me to leave Super Junior.”

Credit: JTBC

On March 16, after hearing the story of a woman and her British boyfriend on JTBC’s Love of 7.7 Billion, in which Kim is currently starring in, he said that he could feel where she’s coming from.

He continued that since he was involved in a big car accident 14 years ago, he was left with a severe injury in his leg. Despite the injury, he continued performing on stage but about six or seven years ago the condition of his leg got so bad that he visited the hospital. There, he was told that he might not be able to use his legs.

Kim then said, “So I told my members that since I might be able to go on stage ever again as an idol, I will leave the team. But they all told me ‘It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to dance on stage.’” However, he stated that even though he was so grateful, he eventually decided to leave Super Junior.

After the broadcast, a media outlet reported that Kim had left the team for good, causing a misunderstanding. As the controversy intensified, Kim’s agency stepped up.

“Kim Hee Chul will not perform on stage, but will participate in Super Junior’s album and all of its contents,” an official of SM Entertainment stated. “Kim Hee Chul is still a member of Super Junior,” he added, explaining that the editing of the show was misleading.

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