‘Hospital Playlist’ Premieres with a Strong Start

Hospital Playlist ideally captured the friendship of the five friends, by presenting empathy, laughter and the prefect chemistry between the characters.

In the first episode of tvN’s special drama Hospital Playlist, mostly revolved around the reunion of the five doctor friends, Lee Ik Joon (Jo Jung Suk), An Jung Won (Yoo Yeon Seok), Kim Joon Wan (Jung Kyung Ho), Yang Seok Hyung (Kim Dae Myung) and Chae Song Hwa (Jeon Mi Do).

Credit: tvN

After Jung Won’s father, the chairman of Yulje Hospital, passed away, his only ‘doctor’ son, Jung Won, was encouraged to take his chair. However, he refuses to do so and asked to entrusted with the operation and management of the VIP ward.

Then, he immediately summons his four other friends to join him at Yuljae Hospital. However, Seok Hyung agrees in one condition, which is to start the band again. After persistent persuasion and a few “blackmail” threats, the five reunites as they create the band once again and join the VIP ward.

Hospital Playlist was produced by director Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jung, who had already created a craze with their “Reply” series and Prison Playbook. On top of that, the perfect acting synergy shown by the five friends and the realistic performances of Kim Hae Sook, Kim Gap Soo and Sung Dong Il have certainly enliven the drama.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings survey agency, Hospital Playlist recorded 6.3% average viewer ratings and peaked as high as 8.3%.

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