Shim Eun Kyung Is the First Korean Actor to Win the Best Actress Award at the Japan Academy Film Prize

Actor Shim Eun Kyung won the Best Actress Award at the 43rd Japan Academy Film Prize on March 6.

Credit: NAVER Movie

Shim won the award with her film, The Journalist, at the 43rd Japan Academy Film Prize held at the New Takana Prince Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. This is the first time for a Korean actor to receive the award since 1978, when the ceremony was launched for the first time.

The Academy Film Award in Japan was officially approved by the US Academy and launched by Japan Academy Prize Association. Just like the awards ceremony in the US, filmmakers choose the winner. First, the awards are given in the major categories, then later, among them, the Best Actor/Actress is given.

Earlier, Shim received the actress award along with Nikaido Fumi of Fly Me to the Saitama, Rie Miyazawa of No Longer Human, Sayuri Yoshinaga of Way To Find The Best Life and Matsuoka Mayu of Listen to the Universe. Later, the actor beat them to win the Best Actress Award.

Shim said, “I’m sorry. I had no idea I was going to win the award so I didn’t prepare a speech,” during her acceptance speech in tears. Then she continued in Japanese, “Thank you all for watching ‘The Journalist. It was such an honor to work with Matsuzaka Tori. Thank you so so much.”

The Journalist is a work that sharply criticizes the dark side of the country and journalism by basing the story on the political scandal that took place earlier under the current Japanese regime. Shim received favorable review for playing the role of Erika Yoshioka, a reporter who digs up the darkness within the play.

In addition, The Journalist won the Best Actor Award and the Best Picture.

Meanwhile, Shim also won the Best Actress Award at the 74th Mainichi Film Awards, 34th Takasaki Film Festival and the New Actress Award at Tama Cinema Forum.

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