Kang Ha Neul May be in the Sequel to The Hit Film “The Pirates”!

There were reports made on March 2nd, that we may be seeing Kang Ha Neul in a new film soon!

The reports stated that the actor may be appearing in the sequel to the 2014 film “The Pirates”, to which his agency stated, “It’s true that Kang Ha Neul has received an offer to appear in the film. He is currently positively looking over the role.”

“The Pirates” was a big hit when released in 2014, and attracted more than 8.6 million moviegoers. Though plans for its sequel being released had been originally aimed for 2020, it had been postponed due to the lead actor Kim Nam Gil stating that he would not be returning for a second film.

Hopefully we’ll be able to catch Kang Ha Neul in the sequel sometime soon!



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