GFRIEND Opens Up About Record Sales, ‘Crossroads’ And Producer Bang Shi Hyuk

GFRIEND, who made a spectacular comeback after a year, appeared in MBC FM4U radio, This is Kim Shin Young with Hope Songs at Noon.

The new album, recently released by GFRIEND, is the first result of Source Music and Big Hit Entertainment’s collaboration. Big Hit Entertainment acquired Source Music last July to expand its music label.

Released on Feb. 3, their new album, :LABYRINTH, sold a total of 51,362 copies in the first week of its release, breaking its own record sales and topped iTunes charts in 13 different countries. Eunha thanked her fans, saying, “This is something to really rejoice in.”

The title song “Crossroads,” is a song about a delicate feelings of a girl standing at a crossroads. Umji said, “As soon as I first heard the song, I instantly wanted to listen to it again. The melody kept humming in my ears.” Yuju added how “Crossroads” is a “Deul-Mae” song, a song that sounds more charming as you hear it. Sowon smiled and agreed that their song “Crossroads” is a total “Deul-Mae.”

Then Sowon talked about their collaboration with Bang Shi Hyuk, a producer for BTS. “We haven’t met producer Bang Shi Hyuk yet. But he shared his kind words with us. He told us how GFRIEND has an irreplaceable charm that only GFRIEND has, and that he hopes to create more content highlighting the charm. Then he added that he would support us in every way possible. His words really help us,” she said.

GFRIEND also shared their honest charm. “I do get angry sometimes when people frustrate me.” She also sent a message to her manager saying, “I hope you can speak comfortably to me. I am not gonna harm you.”

Yerin and Umji boasted their skin and diligence. Yerin showed off her skin by adding, “I don’t get burn that easily, no matter how long I stand outside.” Umji confessed that she became “more diligent than any other members” ever since she lost her morning sleep.

Yuju confessed her embarrassing experiences on stage. “When we were on stage for “Me Gustas Tu,” there was one time when I had to deal with a flower pollen that got in my mouth,” she said and added that “There was also a time when my shoes peeled off on stage.”

GFRIEND also said how they gave up on Celeb Five dance. “We tried to learn the choreography, but we decided to stop,” said Eunha.

Yerin finished by asking for lots of expectations for their song “Crossroads.” She added, “Please show our new song more love and support. Also, rest of the songs in our album have stories to tell. I’d really appreciate it you could share our stories by listening to them.”

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