War of the Arrows – Korea’s first bow and arrow action movie!

1623, in a setting where the Joseon Dynasty is in turmoil due to recession and sickness, <War of the Arrows> captures history with a fresh perspective showing the art of archery with vivid action.  The film is directed by Kim Han-min, the director of <The Admiral> which still holds the No. 1 spot in the domestic box office in Korea.  

<War of the Arrows> tells the story of Nami (Park Hae-il) of the Joseon Dynasty, fighting to save his sister, played by Moon Chae-won, who is taken prisoner by soldiers from the Qing dynasty. Park Hae-il devoted himself to archery and horseback riding to prepare for this movie and filmed almost all the action scenes without a stun double. Ryu Seung-ryong who plays the antagonist also added a sense of realism to the film by playing the head of an elite unit of the Qing dynasty and digesting lines in Manchurian. If you want a break from the typical gunfight and gangster movies check out this refreshing historical action film <War of the Arrows> on OnDemadnKorea today.

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