Artwork in ‘Queen of Tears’ Sparks Speculation: Are We Getting a Happy Ending?

queen of tears ending
queen of tears ending
Credit: YouTube “ArtSeeing”

In the popular weekend drama Queen of Tears, starring Kim Ji Won and Kim Soo Hyun, an abstract painting in the background might just hold clues to the series’ conclusion. During a recent episode on the YouTube show “ArtSeeing,” Seoul Economic Daily’s art critic Jo Sang In delved deep into the significance of the artwork displayed in the character Hong Hae In’s (Kim Ji Won) bedroom.

Jo Sang In highlighted a particular abstract painting near the bed, which is not a single piece but a series of connected panels. “The artwork, created by artist Jeon Eun Suk, represents various objects that appear distinct at one moment and blurred the next, leaving only an impression and afterimage in vibrant colors,” Jo explained.

The critic linked the artwork to the drama’s narrative, where Hong Hae In suffers from a brain tumor causing her vision to blur and memories to fade. “It seems the painting vividly depicts her medical condition,” Jo remarked, adding, “But seeing from the cheerful and bright tones used in the painting, I speculate the drama has a happy ending.”

Additionally, Jo commented on the positioning of portraits in Hong Hae In’s room, noting that it’s unusual for personal bedrooms to feature numerous portraits unless intentionally meaningful. “The production team seems to be subtly conveying who Hong Hae In is through these artworks. They hint at self-reflection, self-love, and a strong identity, suggesting how the story might unfold,” she analyzed.

This insightful discussion has sparked enthusiasm among viewers, with online comments reflecting hopes for a favorable resolution to the drama. Fans left comments like, “Hoping ‘Queen of Tears’ really ends happily,” and “This kind of detail adds so much depth to the drama.”

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