Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee Break Up: Agency Statements + Inside Look Into Their ‘Transit Love’ Relationship

Credit: Lady Kyunghyang, Topstarnews

It seems nothing lasts forever. After a mere two weeks Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee have broken up.

After making their relationship public two weeks ago, Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee, including Ryu Jun Yeol’s previous girlfriend Hyeri (of Girl’s Day), have been caught in a whirlwind of rumors and news. After facing much scrutiny, it seems fans won’t be finished commenting on the drama just yet since it has been officially revealed earlier today that the couple have split up.

First, on March 30th, representatives from Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency C-JeS Studios stated “It’s true that Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee have broke up. We ask for your understanding as we have nothing else to say except to confirm the breakup as of now.”

Han So Hee’s label 9ATO Entertainment also released a statement of their own coinciding with C-JeS Studios, finalizing the situation on both ends. “Han So Hee and actor Ryu Jun Yeol have broken up. They realized their roles as actors are more important. They promised not to waste any more emotions on personal matters.”

But why did Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee break up? Was it predictable? Did fans see this coming a mile away or are people truly shocked the two couldn’t make it last?

Let’s examine the facts and learn how did Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee break up? Read the facts from A to Z down below and see what made this sweet relationship turn sour so quickly.

Although the two were spotted in Hawaii last week enjoying a romantic walk together during their first date, it seems the honeymoon period fell short of lasting more than the standard three months for Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee. Fans are currently speculating if it has something to do with the rebound rumors coined “transit love” as Ryu Jun Yeol was harshly judged to have entered the relationship too hastily.

During which, ex-girlfriend Hyeri posted a cryptic message saying the situation was “funny” and soon after released an apology on Instagram shocked by the “rippling effect of her actions” and vowing to “become a better Lee Hyeri.”

Soon after, the intensity surrounding the relationship appeared to quiet down but the silence was broken once again and Han So Hee found herself on the chopping board after posting a lengthy message on social media saying “If I hear any more of these groundless speculations it will really wear me out. I am where I am today because I was chasing after my happiness. We met exactly in November of 2023 at a photo exhibit.” Han So Hee tried to clear the air with her statement by providing proof they weren’t meeting in secret before Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri parted ways. However, Han So Hee soon deleted it and wrote, “I’m sorry. My personality can be rather rash” instead. It appeared to even be targeting Hyeri, who was in a heart-warming relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol for almost 8 years.

>> Han So Hee Calls Out Hyeri Over “This Is Interesting” Post

Fans claimed it was immature of her to try and hash things out on social media while pointing fingers. Fans also stated her deleting the post made things worse and she lacks self-control by fighting back with fans.

Credit: Han So Hee’s Instagram

In response to these comments, on March 30th Han So Hee’s label stated, “Han So Hee has made herself and the public suffer due to her personal feelings. The way she communicated was not right. She is sorry. She will receive whatever criticism fans may have. We also realize our responsibility is big for not being able to care after actress Han Seo Hee as her agency. The company failed in its role as a nest. We too are reflecting. It’s very late, but we are attempting to correct it from here on out. We hope fans look over her kindly. She will return healthy” alongside the initial breakup announcement.

However, it doesn’t seem like hate from fans was the only thing causing turmoil in the relationship. Han So Hee herself seemed to be conflicted by Ryu Jun Yeol’s disposition and inability to speak out and defend their relationship. His lack of vocal clarity caused clashing and hurdles in their relationship. Soon after their break up was announced, Han So Hee again took to social media to share her feelings.

In a now deleted post, Han So Hee had shared a photo of Nicole Kidman after her divorce with Tom Cruise where Nicole appeared to look powerful, relieved, and showing a sense of freedom. It seemed to be a parallel representation of Han So Hee’s current emotions. A fan had written to Han So Hee on her blog saying “I feel relieved on your behalf. It’s a good thing you broke up! Dating an avoidant man who keeps his mouth shut will make your insides turn black like ashes… I hope everything will be OK soon.” To which Han So Hee responded “You’re right. The person in question kept his mouth shut, while I was trying to do anything I could do. He said as time goes on everything would be forgotten anyway. But what could I do? I couldn’t just watch in silence because my fans are just that precious to me.”

Credit: Han So Hee’s Fancafe

However, after the backlash Han So Hee received for her brash posts on social media, others felt that Ryu Jun Yeol’s choice to remain silent was actually the intelligent approach. Fans left comments on various news portals saying “This would have just washed over if they remained silent…” and “He’s staying silent because people will slander them no matter what.” Again, these are just varying perspectives with little to no way to determine who handled the situation better. In the end, if internal factors made the two part ways, fans should respect their choices rather than criticizing them even more – which has been the problem from the very beginning.

According to other sources, an insider came forward to share information about the celebrity couples relationship. “The two recently met to talk and decided to go their separate ways. It’s also true there were a series of conflicts and disagreements after the release of their romance. There were clearly differences in their positions, so it seems they made the best choice in the current situation.”

What do you think of Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee’s breakup? Did Ryu Jun Yeol’s eyes really wander too quickly? Was the relationship merely a rebound or did the chaos of rumors and headlines cause the sincere relationship to falter? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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