Sandara Park Opens Up About Her Struggles and Tears Post-2NE1

2ne1 sandara park
2ne1 sandara park
Credit: YouTube “Super Market Sora”

In an emotional reveal on the YouTube show “Super Market Sora,” Sandara Park, the singer and actress formerly of 2NE1, shared her emotional struggles and aspirations. “I had no schedule in January and February this year,” she confessed, adding, “The thought of ‘Have I stopped getting work?’ itself made me anxious.”

Reflecting on her time with 2NE1, Park reminisced, “We didn’t even drink when we were active. And I don’t like going clubbing. It feels bittersweet that we spent those good times without much fun, but now we can have sincere conversations and enjoy ourselves.”

2NE1 debuted in May 2009 and disbanded in November 2016. “The disbandment wasn’t easy. I thought, ‘This is the end for me.’ I worried about how to meet fans without the stage,” she said, shedding tears. “The difference in how others treated me brought me such sadness. I didn’t realize it then, but I felt a sense of loss. But I’ve grown stronger since then.”

On a lighter note, Park shared insights into her dating experiences, revealing, “I’ve only dated younger guys. It’s not that they were much younger, but I like cute things. I was looking for someone who’ll enjoy those things with me, and they just happened to be younger.”

She chuckled, recounting her popularity from 2009 to 2011, “Back then, every guy from the entertainment and sports industries wanted me. I’m embarrassed by how I used to respond to their advances.” Then, recalling one particular incident, she shared, “This guy gave up then reached out again months later. He gave me a hassle for like 2 or 3 years. One time, he showed up at my door and got me in trouble with the CEO.”

With a renewed perspective, Sandara expressed her readiness. “I was too innocent back then. I regret the guys I turned down more than the projects I rejected,” she joked. “I could’ve grown into a femme fatale. Now, I’m ready for a fiery romance. I want to walk around holding hands without masks, proudly introducing my partner to friends as ‘my boyfriend.'”

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