Ju Ji Hoon Reveals How ‘Princess Hours’ Left a Lasting Trauma

princess hours ju ji hoon
princess hours ju ji hoon
Credit: YouTube “Fairy Jaehyung”

Ju Ji Hoon, in a candid revelation on the latest episode of YouTube channel “Fairy Jaehyung,” opened up about his acting career.

Responding to a question about why he keeps a busy schedule, Ju dismissed financial motivations, citing instead a desire to emulate the prolific careers of actors he admires. “If you look up the filmography of actors like Matt Damon or Ethan Hawke, you’ll see they’ve got a seriously impressive list of works. They have this mindset of ‘an actor should act.’ When you see their film lists, there are quite a few ‘You shot this?’ moments,” he said.

Ju elaborated, “Of course, I’ve never actually spoken to them personally, but I imagine they must have some kind of courage, thinking ‘I want to try this too.’ Yes, they have well-established infrastructure there, but knowing that from a young age, I wasn’t afraid (to try various projects).”

Ju then reflected on the drama Princess Hours, which played a significant role in raising his profile. He recounted how he was cast in the series: “I hadn’t even auditioned when they suddenly reached out to work together,” explaining the unexpected call to join the show.

However, this opportunity left him with a considerable amount of anxiety, which he still regards as a form of trauma. “A 24-year-old with no acting experience was suddenly told to act. In fact, I resisted doing ‘Princess Hours’ for three weeks, but I eventually folded after being chewed out.” Explaining how scared he was about playing the lead role, he recounted, “But then the director called me, assuring me to trust and follow him. At that young age, I expected some reassurance, but (I got none). That just was a reflection of the times. It was more terrifying than sad.”

The most terrifying part for him was the table read. “I went to the reading, and the scripts for eight episodes were already out. There were like 150 people in the room. Every time I delivered a line, the director sighed. This happened with every line I had for 10 hours,” he explained how he got his trauma. “Yes, he made me who I am now, but understanding the process is necessary, isn’t it? I broke out in a cold sweat. I still can’t handle readings.”

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