Omega X’s Hwichan vs. Spire Entertainment: A Dispute Over Forced Intimacy Takes Center Stage

omega x hwichan
omega x hwichan
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Hwichan of Omega X has firmly denied allegations of sexually harassing Kang, the former CEO of Spire Entertainment, instead alleging that it was Kang who demanded excessive drinking and physical intimacy. On March 20th, Omega X’s current agency, IPQ, contested claims made by Spire in a press conference held the day before, arguing that the CCTV footage of a get-together was not a gathering to ease members’ concerns about military enlistment but was orchestrated under the coercion of the company’s executives.

IPQ clarified, “Contrary to the former CEO Kang’s assertion that Hwichan attended the gathering on July 11th, 2022, to discuss his military enlistment concerns, Hwichan’s draft notice was actually issued on August 1st, 2022. This shows the gathering took place before the notice was even issued.” IPQ further stated that the occasion was not meant to provide relief for the members, but rather to console a disgruntled Kang due to their lack of appreciation for her efforts to boost album sales.

IPQ also accused Kang of repeatedly forcing members into drinking gatherings over the years, resulting in severe mental stress. Members feared retaliation if they did not comply with Kang’s demands for excessive physical contact, including threats of being excluded from the album or having their styling and participation restricted.

>> Spire Entertainment’s Former CEO Kang Claims to Be the Victim of Sexual Assault by Omega X Members

omega x hwichan
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Regarding the CCTV footage released by Spire, IPQ described a scenario where Kang sought the same excessive physical contact from Hwichan after other members and employees had left. Hwichan, fearing retaliation in the absence of witnesses, felt compelled to comply.

Following the incident, “Hwichan fled to the first floor, driven by the prolonged pressure and fear from gaslighting, as well as the shame of having to engage in excessive intimate physical contact with the company’s CEO, who is about the same age as his parents. In the process, Hwichan fell down the stairs and was injured, unable to get up,” IPQ detailed the incident. “In that situation, overwhelmed by fear, Hwichan put all his effort into hiding in the first floor’s bathroom, but Kang continued to chase after him, screaming and causing Hwichan mental and physical stress.”

This dispute between Omega X and Spire Entertainment first came to light in November 2022, when Omega X members accused Kang of sexual harassment and verbal abuse. However, the conflict reignited over a year later when Spire claimed Kang was actually a victim of forced sexual contact, presenting brief CCTV footage of Hwichan touching Kang inappropriately.

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