Spire Entertainment’s Former CEO Kang Claims to Be the Victim of Sexual Assault by Omega X Members

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Spire Entertainment called an emergency press conference today regarding the Omega X situation at the Sungam Art Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Present at the scene were Spire CEO Hwang Seong Woo, who is also the husband of former CEO Kang, and lawyer Kim Tae Woo of the law firm Jeha, who is representing the legal counsel.

“We are holding a press conference to announce the filing of a sexual assault complaint and to release CCTV footage that was recently forensically recovered regarding the sexual assault case of a female victim that occurred at the Spire office on July 10, 2022,” said Hwang.

According to Hwang, the company carefully considered reporting the incident to the police, considering the seriousness of the case of a male idol sexually assaulting a female victim inside the company.

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Although the female victim suffered great mental distress, the company decided to cover up the incident to keep the Omega X team going, which had nearly 10 billion won ($7.5 million) invested in it.

“We decided to send the perpetrator for mandatory military service after the American tour and informed all Omega X members of the incident and received a promise of prevention,” said Hwang. “However, after the incident, Omega X members engaged in group action and filed a sexual assault complaint against the victim with CCTV footage, claiming that they were abused and sexually assaulted by the agency.”

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“We didn’t want to make Omega X members sex offenders, so we hesitated to file a criminal complaint and release it to the media, but we recovered the CCTV footage and took the courage because the perpetrator’s lies went too far,” he said, appealing for his innocence.

On the other hand, Omega X’s current agency, IPQ, said in an official statement on the same day: “We have evidence that contradicts the accusations. We will be releasing it publicly soon.”

IPQ also responded to Spire’s press conference, stating that the legal proceedings regarding the alleged assault are ongoing.

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