Occult Mystery ‘Exhuma’ Captivates Asia, Shattering Box Office Records

exhuma box office
exhuma box office

In just 24 days after its release, the occult mystery film Exhuma has surpassed 9 million viewers, heating up the domestic box office. And not just that, it has become the talk of the town for its explosive box office performance across Asia.

Exhuma follows the eerie happenings that unfold for a geomancer, a mortician, and shamans who are paid a hefty sum to relocate a suspicious grave. The film is at the forefront, driving the success of Korean cinema in the Asian market.

After its release, Exhuma has continued its unstoppable march at the box office, sparking a box office frenzy even internationally and setting new records for Korean cinema. In Indonesia, where the film opened on February 28th, it attracted approximately 1.8 million viewers in just 20 days, clinching the top spot for the highest-grossing Korean film release in the country. Notably, the film expanded its screenings dramatically early on, thanks to positive word of mouth, outperforming Kung Fu Panda 4 to rank first in the number of screens for three consecutive days and creating a sensation in the Indonesian cinema landscape.

Following its success, Exhuma premiered in Vietnam on March 15th, breaking the record for the highest opening score for a Korean film in the country, surpassing 6/45. Recording a box office take of $660,000 on its opening day, Exhuma achieved the highest opening score ever for a Korean film in Vietnam. In its first week, the film raked in an impressive $3.02 million in box office revenue, showing an overwhelming pace of ticket sales. This figure significantly surpasses the $1.15 million earned by the previous top-grossing Korean film in Vietnam, 6/45, heightening anticipation for Exhuma‘s record-breaking global box office performance.

Additionally, the film continued its winning streak in Taiwan, earning a total of 28.84 million Taiwanese dollars in box office revenue within a week of its March 8th premiere.

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