Jeon Jong Seo Dishes on Her Love Story with Lee Chung Hyeon

jeon jong seo boyfriend
jeon jong seo boyfriend
Credit: YouTube “Zzanbro”

Jeon Jong Seo recently got candid about her romance with director Lee Chung Hyeon, sharing the intimate details of their love story.

On the 26th, Jeon Jong Seo graced Shin Dong Yup’s YouTube channel “Zzanbro,” just ahead of the much-anticipated first broadcast of tvN’s Wedding Impossible.

Despite claiming, “I’ve hardly had a sip of alcohol in my life. I’ve never really learned to drink,” Jeon Jong Seo bravely stepped into the world of “Zzanbro,” a show known for its boozy content. Over a beer, she opened up about her partner, Lee Chung Hyeon. The duo has previously collaborated on films like The Call and Ballerina, striking a harmonious director-actor relationship.

Jeon Jong Seo shared, “He asked how I could appear on a show when I don’t drink. My boyfriend usually likes to have a beer with his meals, even if it’s just pork cutlets. But he’s almost given up drinking since we started dating.”

Their story took a romantic turn after wrapping up their first movie together, The Call. “On the last day of shooting, he came over wanting to take a walk. I thought I had grown fond of me, but then he wouldn’t leave. He suggested having ramyeon at a convenience store, and one thing led to another. That’s how our relationship slowly started,” she shared with a laugh.

The actress also opened up about the evolution of their relationship, “For the first year, I didn’t think that I loved him that much. But as time went by, the reasons why I liked him became clearer. He’s someone I’m excited to see what the future holds for.”

Jeon Jong Seo and Lee Chung Hyeon have been openly dating since the end of 2021, following the release of The Call in 2020.

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