Kim Ji Hoon Raves About Jeon Jong Seo and ‘Ballerina’ Director’s Adorable Chemistry

kim ji hoon ballerina
kim ji hoon ballerina
Credit: Netflix

Kim Ji Hoon shared his experience of working with Jeon Jong Seo and director Lee Chung Hyun in an interview promoting the film Ballerina.

The actor recently finished filming Ballerina, which marked his first collaboration with director Lee. He mentioned, “The director and I didn’t have extensive discussions about the project. I felt that my character was well-represented in the script. I knew the director was working hard to bring the character to life,” showing his trust in the director.

When talking about his co-star Jeon Jong Seo, he said, “She is a wonderful artist and actress. Personally, I need to consistently put in effort to earn recognition as an artist like her. But she is an art form in her own right.”

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Jeon Jong Seo and director Lee Chung Hyun have publicly acknowledged their relationship. When asked about what it was like working with the couple, Ji Hoon commented, “They’re like an adorable campus couple. I can see how much they care for each other. I work with both of them on set. On one occasion, I noticed that they weren’t really spending time together on set. I asked about it and learned that they had an argument and hadn’t spoken for three days. However, they never show it while working, so things are just as they were on set. They make a charming couple. In a matter of days, they’re back together, and it sometimes makes me a bit jealous.


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