Kim Go Eun Shares Intriguing Backstories of Her and Lee Do Hyun’s Characters in ‘Exhuma’

kim go eun exuma
kim go eun exuma
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In a revealing conversation following the successful premiere of Exhuma, Kim Go Eun opened up about a touching exchange with co-star Lee Do Hyun, who is currently serving in the military.

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Exhuma, which hit theaters on the 22nd, delves into the eerie happenings surrounding a geomancer, a mortician, and shamans who relocate a grave for a hefty sum. The film quickly became a sensation, surpassing 1 million viewers in just three days and crossing the 2 million mark by its fourth day, igniting a frenzy in cinemas.

Kim Go Eun portrayed Hwa Lim, a shaman who pacifies vengeful spirits. Post-release, the chemistry between her and Lee Do Hyun, who played the shaman Bong Gil, has garnered significant attention, sparking curiosity about their on-screen relationship. “Bong Gil is just my disciple,” Kim Go Eun stated, clarifying their roles and adding, “The director even said that Bong Gil should respectfully serve me as a disciple.”

She further explained, “Shamans who advised me have mentioned that there are cases where the master is younger than the disciple. It’s common for disciples to respectfully serve a younger master.” About the heated response surrounding the two, she commented, “I think that’s because of our on-screen chemistry.”

When asked about fans’ clamor for a spin-off featuring their characters, Kim Go Eun responded enthusiastically, “That would be great,” but humorously noted that “it’s something that Director Jang Jae Hyun would have to write.”

kim go eun exuma

Lee Do Hyun, currently fulfilling his military duties, watched the movie on his break. Kim Go Eun shared a sweet anecdote: “I received a text from him saying, ‘Thank you, Go Eun.’ I asked, ‘For what?’ and he replied, ‘For acting with me.’ It was both embarrassing and heartwarming. I texted him thank you too.”

Kim Go Eun also delved into the intriguing backstory of Hwa Rim and Bong Gil, as shared by director Jang, enriching the narrative fabric of Exhuma. “Bong Gil was a baseball player who fell ill and, during his recovery, encountered my teacher and me, receiving his calling,” she revealed. “(From what I hear,) I initially tried to dissuade him from accepting the spirit.”

However, Bong Gil’s unwavering trust led to his spiritual awakening under Hwa Rim’s guidance, solidifying their bond as master and disciple. “Hwa Rim’s own backstory is equally captivating,” Kim Go Eun continued, “Having served a shaman in Japan since her youth, she encountered Japanese spirits in her twenties, an experience that left her with deep-seated trauma.”

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